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Swords of Anima is an indie RPG developed by 4Hands Games, an independent game development studio based in Spain.
The story takes place in a land ruled by a corrupt empire which is being opposed by soldiers that have taken arms to bring peace and justice to their land. This group of soldiers is named the Savior Rex Squad, and it is sustained across time by new generations of soldiers and warriors.

This game´s protagonists are Dolian, a young warrior with a mysterious past, and Laocorn, Captain of the XII Squad and Dolian´s mentor. At the beginning of the game, they are simple, hard-working members of the Empire, but their whole world soon gets turned upside down; leading them to join up with a team of soldiers. Their ultimate goal becomes to unmask the true enemy hiding behind the Empire. They also have to deal with the mystery behind the strange deaths that happen every night in their land; a mystery only known as the Curse of the Eclipse. 

This game features a Turn-Based Strategy combat system. Given its tactical nature; it bears some resemblance to the combat system used in the Fire Emblem series, notably the Gamecube and Wii titles, displaying 3D combat animations.

Swords of Anima was released for the iOS and Android operating systems. It is available on iTunes on November 26th, 2014 and on Google Play on October 1st, 2015. The game is currently available in English and Spanish.

In the Old Night times, Maelstorm was born. Its voracious magic expanded all over the world, bringing war and darkness. Althought the nations returns to peace, a terrible evil grows stronger. Whole populations perish at night leaving a dead trace in the morning. This has become to been known as the Curse of the Eclipse.


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