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I love RPGs, and for years I've been shocked by how little specialized coverage indie RPGs have on the internet. I thought : “someone should build a website listing and organizing every indie RPG”. On 2015, I decided to stop thinking about it and started working on iRPGs as a side project. You can find more about iRPGs' development process in our first site status update.

Our Mission

To create an objective, organized, and high-quality source of information exclusively devoted to independent roleplaying videogames (indie rpgs).

Our Vission

To be the most:

  • Complete
  • Detailed
  • Up to date
  • Accurate
  • Documented
  • Objective

Source of information on indie rpgs


Vladimirsan - Founder, Lead Developer, and Project Manager -
Mauricio Martínez - Writer -
Elena González - Web Producer -

Special Thanks

Nelson Chicas

For introducing me to my amazing writing team

Carey Martell

For creating a detailed RPG classification system


Meghan Clark
Sheila Dato
T Vance Roley

Past Contributors

Katherine Montero - Writer -